Spending the last twenty-three years imagining about life’s adventures, which I thought were sure to lay ahead in California- has been a dream. Heading west on interstate 70 last fall from the Midwest brought me to a paradise in the rocky mountains of Colorado. After only a few months of living there, I can understand why outsiders come for the winter, but fall in love with the lifestyle and become natives. Breckenridge was difficult to leave behind but something inside of me continued to push me to the sea.

Recent branches in the field of Psychology, stemming from humanistic perspectives -as well as ancient eastern spiritual traditions suggest that we as humans should strive to live in each moment and to find peace in our everyday lives. Adopting this philosophy somewhere along my journeys, has brought me to a state of peace which is present within me at greater frequency as the days pass by.

While this philosophy does imply the possibility of a calm independent of situation or location, it does not aim to stop us from our goals and hopes for grand accomplishments. For the last year I have been a true vagabond and dharma bum. Existence has been a blur of sounds, smells, tastes and colors, contemplation, learning, growing, striving, laughing, crying and dreaming.

California, for whatever the initial reason; has been on my mind from the first time I stood barefoot on the beach with my family and felt the salty air on my lips- the sun on my face. Somehow it seems that life is just beginning and for the first time in a long time, I am ready to plant some roots and see how high I can grow.