It was one of those classic early June days today in Cincinnati, OH. The air was thick & heavy- stepping outside for just a few minutes equated to that sticky, sweaty and damp feeling that the longest shower can’t take away. Going climbing may not have been the best of ideas because the heat was almost suffocating, peaking somewhere in the nineties. All the same, these sensations brought back memories; and I was too close to Hyde Park not to play around on some broken down old walls down the street from Stacy’s sisters apartment in Mount Adams.

 The adventure began this morning bright and early in Dayton for Stacy’s brother and sister’s high school graduation ceremony. We had packed up the Eclipse the night before and made it from my parents place in Columbus to Stacy’s parents house in Flyer country.

Following the shortest graduation I have ever witnessed, a tasty lunch was had and we were on the road again with Stacy’s sister and her rockin’ boxer puppy. Off to the climbing destination in lovely Cincinnati, OH! Lacey AKA Piggie enjoyed her afternoon in her own way, while we spotted some great flowers and interesting brickwork within the park.

I get a funny feeling that this winding brick road will take us to a few unexpected places on our way back to California.

One more drive back to Dayton tomorrow, and this Ohio couple is heading west together for a new chapter in their lives.