***Art of Waking Up***

What does that mean exactly? What is waking up? What is art? Well, art is something you appreciate, something that enriches your awareness. But more than that, art is something that you create, something you practice. Within yourself, the creation and practice of art opens locked doors and builds bridges to the sky, through and across the depths. Art is everywhere, it permeates all things that give life texture and dimension. There are martial arts, and musical arts, the art of painting and the art of war, the art of making tea and the art of making love. Art is creation, expression, tradition, and discipline.

So, if art is all of that then what is the art of waking up?

What does it mean to be awake, or not? I define being awake as living at full capacity- feeling gratitude, love as well as sorrow at times – aware of the balance of life on this planet & in touch and utilizing your greatest gifts to offer- what ever they may be.

Fully NOT could be described as a total ignorance of the depth of your own capacity and uniqueness, your specialness- out of touch with the balance and urgent care needed to support the Earth in the current challenges of your time here, so that all who come after may continue the journey with clean water and air to breath.

It is a strange and wonderful self-defining paradox that what you believe- is true, most especially about yourself. Belief is the first and most critical step toward capacity, kind of like buying a ticket in order to win the lottery. So perhaps what I’m trying to say is that waking up is, essentially, learning to believe in yourself just as you are in this moment. And the art of waking up means practicing, cultivating, and creating a belief in and embodiment of your own full capacity.

I’m a scientific, statistical skeptic. I believe in bell curves and the capacity for exponential growth or decline. I believe that there are very few people ever in existence who are totally awake, or totally not. A moving and mosaic myriad of factors determine where we as individuals fall across the spectrum of this awareness both in relationship to other people, or at any given moment in space and time within our own lives. Distinct driving forces and patterns exist, and we as a species have spent millennia studying, creating and refining methods to increase our understanding of, and subsequent ability to influence and manipulate these patterns and driving forces.

So given all that, given that you, me and our neighbors are at different levels between waking and ignorance at different moments in time and in our lives, all we can do is to tell our stories, realizing that your story is certain to be as unique as each of ours, but also fundamentally the same. Who knows, maybe someday, maybe soon, we’ll all wake up together to a world where everything is possible.