Optimize your body and focus your mind with a community of adventure seeking men.

Path of the Awakening Man is an 8 week conscious body-mind optimization training for men who are ready to own their power by reframing what it means to be a man in our time.

Are you a man who:

  • Is not sure what to eat to feel clear, strong and full of vitality?
  • Feels disconnected from or less than confident in your body and is having trouble maintaining a physical practice?
  • May seem like you have it together but inside you are feeling restless, inauthentic, anxious, sluggish, unfocused, unproductive, or stuck?
  • Resents society’s stereotype of what kind of man you “should” be AND feel like you don’t quite belong?
  • Feels connected to something bigger than yourself but are unsure about how to explore it?
  • Hears the call to embrace your power or make big changes in your life but don’t know if you are ready to make the leap?

Do you want to:

  • Create the critical foundation of a healthy body, community, relationship to spirit and DISCIPLINE needed in order to improve self worth, relationships & your life-path?

  • Be more calm, creative, driven, focused and proud of your body?
  • Feel productive, authentic & fulfilled in work and relationships?
  • Feel clear enough to discover your true path and legacy?
  • Tap into your inner wisdom?
  • Discover what it means to be an awakening man?
  • Learn how to embody mature masculinity in a community of other men working towards the same goals?

In this 8 week course we will address the critical foundations of diet, sleep, exercise and discipline. We will explore the crossroads of functional eating, emotional intelligence, relationships, sex, money, legacy, your greatest unique gifts, rewriting old stories, and what it takes to stand in your full power. You will build community among men in their authentic power who will keep you accountable to hit your targets. The course will peak with an outdoor rock climbing adventure to push you to your physical and mental edge.

If there is a voice in you saying HELL YES, you have come to the right place. Let’s walk together.

If you are ready, reach out to reserve your spot in our next program starting Summer 2017. Choose your truth.

Stand Proud. 

Email jason@artofwakingup.com to book a free 30 minute call or Skype session to learn more.

Jason Gentile is a rock climbing adventure guide, yoga teacher and natural foods expert living and training clients in Los Angeles, CA.

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