***Yogi, Guide, Natural Foods Expert***


Jason is a registered yoga teacher, rock climbing guide and natural foods expert. He holds a degree in psychology, with 16 years experience rock climbing, over a decade practicing yoga and working with expanded states of consciousness along with training in wilderness medicine and ongoing men’s work. 

He works with his students and clients to offer unique insight & guidance into awakening through conscious body-mind optimization training and simple techniques focused on awareness, dietary building blocks, self care and nature’s wisdom.

His greatest joy is holding a calm space for self discovery where he helps his clients grow in a balanced manner, confront fear and anxiety, take fierce action, embrace the edge just outside of their comfort zone to become more aware and grateful for the gift of life.

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“I’m passionate about helping people grow, find their power, awaken and integrate the change needed to feel more whole. I’m focused on taking charge of my life and remembering how lucky I am each day to wake up on this beautiful planet. I believe that our bodies store emotions and truths that must be accessed if we strive for self-understanding, sustained growth and alignment to our purpose. I embrace plants, animals and the natural world as teachers of balance and strength. I try to live as simply as I can in an increasingly complex existence. I love this journey and have gone far enough to know deeply that life is a great mystery and that the truth and joy we seek can be revealed through playful yet disciplined self exploration with an emphasis on integration and letting go”.


“He is a wise soul, committed to doing the work he is here to do on this planet. Be that challenging you on the ropes, or guiding you into deeper levels of opening, Jason is a remarkable teacher”.

-Kate Lehman, PhD


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