@Rockreation Climbing Center, LA
Tuesdays: Yin Yoga 8-9pm All Levels $10
Wednesdays: Strong Holistic Flow Yoga 6-7pm All Levels $10


My yoga classes reflect a synergy of my mentors who are two of the most well respected yoga teachers in Los Angeles. They themselves are advanced students of Bryan Kest in the power yoga movement. In my classes you will feel the sweet steadiness offered by Travis Eliot blended with the strong assertiveness of Vytas Baskauskas mixed in with a twist of my own flavor. I use plants, stones, feathers, fire and live music at select times in the classes to create a truly unique experience. Curious? See you on the mat.

Rock Climbing
@Rockreation Climbing Center, LA


Balance & Body Awareness (FG2) 7-9pm $45

Select Saturdays and Sundays:

Top Rope Climbing Basics (FG1) noon-2pm $45

Efficiency & Strength (FG3) 10am-noon $45

**Contact me for availability of 1/2, Full day & weekend adventure trips, classes and private yoga sessions**

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Class Descriptions:


A quickly growing favorite- My unique, candle lit yin yoga class takes you deep into your body and psyche through long, slow stretches focused on connective tissue realignment and the removal of chronic or acute tension in the hips, legs and back. To create a meditative journey, sound healing is utilized through a mix of live acoustic melodies, sacred songs and recordings. Sage, cedar and other plant essences are integrated into the experience as you hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Everyone in the space leaves the mat feeling lighter, open and relaxed.

Strong Holistic Flow:

My strong holistic flow yoga class aims to integrate & harmonize your physical, emotional and mental well-being though a challenging asana practice rooted and guided by the breath. This is a great bread and butter practice for those looking to stay fit, strong and calm in the face of life’s challenges. Expect to gain core strength and confidence in your body. You will deepen awareness & connection to your innate body intelligence, and leave the mat feeling empowered, balanced and grounded.


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