Rock climbing at Malibu Creek is a must do in LA. You will be shocked that you are so close to the city but on some of the best routes you could climb in the country.

After a 20 minute hike through rolling hills and gorgeous views, the journey continues when you make it to the cliffs on the water’s edge… Climbs range from easy to extremely difficult so no matter what level climber you are- this place has it all and will teach you something about yourself.

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What past climbers had to say:

“Jason’s casual and patient approach to rock climbing was exactly what I needed to take on climbing outdoors.   It was a fun, healing and exciting experience, while also challenging my mind and body in ways I had not done before. I would recommend anyone looking to take their spirit to the next level. I can’t wait to do it again”!

-Daniela R.


“Halfway up, I wanted to give up and felt like I could not go up even one more inch. I felt so much fear and my ego would not stop. I told Jason I wanted to come down but he encouraged me to breathe and connect. To take my time, and to feel the rope support me. This brought me back to my first breakthrough of control as I realized that I am always supported. Here it was the rope, Jason, and my friends… I was able to see very clearly the abundance of support and love I have all around me in my life. I am so so so grateful to Jason and his crew for this experience and for helping me grow and trust. I will be recommending this adventure to everyone I know”.

-Pia D.

Package includes:
Guided hike, rock climbing class, yoga class all rental gear (except shoes).