Rock climbing at Point Dume is EPIC. Get out of the city for a half day and live it up!

The crag is located at one of the most gorgeous beaches in Malibu and was considered sacred ground for the indigenous peoples who settled there for thousands of years. It is not uncommon to see dolphins or whales in the water as the waves crash on the warm sand at your toes.

You can expect a balanced mix between easy and moderate climbing. You will learn the basics of outdoor top rope climbing, anchor placement & risk assessment, while pushing your limits and having a blast.


If you are not ready to “rough it” and deal with long and sometimes dangerous approaches to many climbing areas, this spot is a diamond in the rough. Either park on the street for free and walk 10 minutes to the end of the paid parking area, or pay $14 to park all day.

If you have never climbed outside before, Point Dume is a surreal place to start. If you have climbed outdoors previously, you should strongly consider adding this to your trip wish list and learn the lay of the land in a unique community with us.

Climb on

We’ll do some basic yoga to cool down after we untie our knots and then circle up to reflect a bit on how you can apply some of the principles learned to get out of your comfort zone and rock your daily life. Are you IN?

Here’s what past adventurers had to say:

“The experience left me feeling inspired, confident, empowered, insanely healthy, and ready to take my life to the next level. Jason has literally thought of everything under the sun to ensure that we had an incredible time. It was the perfect mix of feeling relaxed and opening my heart, yet invigorated and active. Jason is such a patient and warmhearted guide. He definitely is an expert at teaching people to climb and helped me get into my body in a new way”.

-Sami U.


“Jason gave me great support and we had some really good talks. Just as I struggle with fighting an uphill battle to stay motivated and energetic in my life, I had to seriously push myself through the last climb, it was brutal. But it reminded me that after all the shit I’ve been through lately I’m still climbing and I’m gonna reach the top. Thanks Jason for giving me some serious energy to take in to the week!”

-Doug V.



“Jason not only provided a safe and thoroughly outfitted climbing gear and instruction, but also created an open space for self reflection and growth. The rock climbing experiences we had in at Point Dume was challenging both physically and mentally forcing us to stay calm and present in the face of fear and fatigue… After the adrenaline wore off we each had to opportunity to discuss our experiences and how we might leverage our experiences to better manage stress and overcome obstacles in our everyday lives.  I can’t recommend these rock climbing adventures enough”.

-James S.


Email to reserve your spot. 5 climbers MAX per adventure. $100/person.

Available Dates:


Sunday- April 23, 2017 (9am to 2pm).

Saturday- May 6, 2017 (9am to 2pm).

Sunday- June 11, 2017 (9am to 2pm).



Package includes:
Outdoor rock climbing experience, yoga class, all rental gear (except climbing shoes-not all sizes available).

Private Group Sessions available.  Minimum 3 participants.

Email to schedule.


Cancellation Policy:

If weather does not permit climbing, credit given for another date.

If you need to cancel within 2 weeks before the trip, credit given for another date. Payment guarantees spot and given the nature of these trips refunds are not granted.


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